Sean Ratcliff
Gender Male
Hair Colour Nut brown
Eye Colour Unknown
Companion Species Frost Wolf
Society Branch Elementals
Companion Icefen
Family & Friends
Family Siobhan Ratcliff (mother)
Friends Col Clamworthy, Connie Lionheart, Anneena Nuruddin, Jane Benedict, Icefen

Anneena: "Have you ever met anyone like Rat?"

Connie: "Nope."

Jane: "Just as well.  I don't think Chartmouth could cope with the two of them."

Sean Ratcliff (Rat) is a character introduced in The Gorgon's Gaze. He was introduced into the Society in Mines of the Minotaur, as a companion to the Frost Wolf.  His companion is a wolf named Icefen, and his mentor is Erik Ulvsen, a cousin of Clive Masterson.  Rat greatly disregards the rules, and criticism seems to simply bounce off him.  As Col once said, "Yeah, Rat, not everyone has the sensitivity of a stone like you do."