Evelyn Lionheart is Connie Lionheart's aunt, and was first introduced into the Companions Quartet at the beginning of the first book, Secret of the Sirens.  She is a companion to banshees, and one of her habits is to spin and wail like her companions early in the morning outside, causing a lot of complaints from her neighbours, which she ignores. 

Secret of the SirensEdit

Evelyn is first mentioned when Connie is with the Scark and the other seagulls and worrying about her new school and new life in Hescombe.  At other places there were strange incidents with animals wandering into her classrooms, attracted to the universal, and Connie gloomily thinks that she'll seem even stranger since she'll be staying with her 'eccentric' aunt.

Evelyn avoids the subject of the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures when with Connie, and Connie feels that her aunt changes mood extremely quickly, and gets fed up with 'treading on eggshells around her.'  She is surprised when Evelyn begins to pay more attention to her when, unknown to Connie, the Society starts to think that she is a companion to sirens.

Evelyn is astounded and pleased when her niece is discovered to have the universal gift.