Connie Lionheart
Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour One green and one brown
Companion Species Universal
Society Branch Universal
Companion Argand
Family & Friends
Family Evelyn Lionheart (aunt),

Godiva Lionheart (great aunt), Hugh Lionheart (great uncle), Gordon Lionheart (father), Col Clamworthy (Husband),

Friends Sean Ratcliff, Aneena Nuruddin, Jane Benedict, Evelyn Lionheart, Mack Clamworthy, Argand, Gard, Skylark, Argot,

Connie Lionheart is the main protagonist of the story and is the only known Universal in existance until the end of the last book, when her cousin George is born a universal. Throughout the series she struggles to fight against Kullervo until he is defeated by her in the last book, The Chimaera's Curse. She is eleven years old at the start of the series and fourteen at the end.


The Secret of the SirensEdit

We are first introduced to Connie in the small seaside town of Hescombe, throwing bread to the seagulls. She is described as someone who has the power to communicate with animals. She as been left by her parents in the care of her Aunt Evelyn after having been found guilty of problems involving animals at all her other schools.

Her aunt takes Connie to a cafe to meet her friend Mrs.Clamworthy, and her grandson Col. This is the first time Connie meets Col, and starts to think that school won't be so bad. They talk for a while, and when Connie is thinking about the odds of meeting someone with the same mismatched eyes as yourself, Col says that the odds are like one in 10 million.

In the third book, when her friend, Col, is scolded for meeting up with her, but his mentor lets him off lightly as he believes that Col only followed her because he has a crush on her, which Col denies. But Rat finds out and teases Col greatly until the end of the last book where Col admits his feelings toward her and asks Connie out. Her companion is a golden dragon named Argand. Because of the way she defeated Kullervo, Connie can now shape herself into any mythical creature.